From planned service and maintenance work to emergency breakdowns, various measuring assignments and adjustments – we help all the way. We are always on hand to help and are quickly in place, no matter what time of day we hear from you and wherever you are.


We carry out inspections and status assessments of the entire flue gas line, from the boiler outlet to the chimney. After inspection, we always submit a report with a clear status assessment. In it we specify any recommendations and proposals for action that can lead to higher availability and function.

Electrical inspection - Electric filter

Our electrical engineers do both electrical inspection and test out the best settings of, particularly, the rectifiers and control unit, for example in terms of percussion times, switching frequencies etc. Here we can help you reduce wear, emissions and save energy.

Service and maintenance work

Our service department works in close collaboration with our customers to maximize the availability of the facility. Our service technicians, supervisors and installers have long experience and are used to working under time constraints. In addition to planned maintenance work, we are of course also available in case of emergency accidents.

Fans, fan wheels and bearing

The fan is the heart of the flue gas line. Of course, we help replace spare parts such as bearings and fan wheels, or if you need to replace your old fan with a new one. If you need spare parts for your fan, or are thinking of investing in a brand new one, we are happy to come along with suggestions.

Gas distribution measurement

A gas distribution measurement on an existing electricity filter can create the opportunity to trim the filter and improve efficiency. We provide both equipment and expertise to carry out the measures, evaluate the results and make suggestions for further action. We will of course submit the result in a written report.