Green Solutions

“We call our products and services Green Solutions – because they are exactly what they are. A greener choice for finding the most climate smart solution that works both today and in the future. Without compromising on quality, function or results.”

Black or green?

When you work with ECP AirTech you get two quotes – one green and one black. In the black, we have taken into account current laws and regulations regarding sustainability and environmental requirements. We have of course also satisfied the customer’s wishes and fulfill all the requirements for quality and guarantees.

In the green quote we have listed everything that the black quote contains. In addition, we can also guarantee that all products are made of Swedish steel (which emits 98% less carbon dioxide in production than, for example, steel made in China). Manufacturing takes place as locally as possible, where the supplier responds to our strict sustainability requirements. Last but not least, the transport to the customer takes place with a transport agent who uses climate neutral transport.

Many people think that the green quote is automatically much more expensive – but it is not. In addition, the green option is a nicer alternative to the environment, to you, your conscience, your company and the next generation. And certainly it feels a little better when you know that the products for your dust and flue gas purification plant are produced in Scandinavia instead of on the other side of the earth.

We save 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year

To lead the way for our partners, suppliers and customers, we have taken great strides when it comes to our own operations. Today, our operative cars are powered by electricity and our service cars by biodiesel HVO100. By reviewing our own vehicle fleet, we now save just over a hundred tonnes of carbon dioxide – every year.

Liten flicka med regnkläder står på stenblock med mossa i barrskog
Urskog, Norra Kvill, Småland

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