Dust & flue gas purification

Electric filter Green-Tech

Our Green-Tech electric filter series can be used in almost all areas for flue gas purification and removal of particles. The advantages of an electric filter are that they have a low pressure drop and a high degree of separation. The robust construction can withstand high temperatures. For increased performance, existing power filters can be upgraded.

Sinter filter

In a sinter filter, the filtration is done through sintered elements which have many advantages over conventional filtration. Sinter filters require minimal maintenance and produce extremely low dust emissions, about 0.1 mg / m3. The filter material does not contain any fibers, which is ideal for dust recovery. The filter elements normally lasts up to ten years.

Spare parts

In our assortment there are spare parts for most makes for electric filters, hose filters and fans. We have the most common spare parts in stock, so we can quickly deliver the products and spare parts needed for a specific facility.  We can even store spare parts for our customers.


The fan is the heart of the flue gas line – therefore efficiency and life cycle cost are important parameters when investing in new fans. We help choose the best fan for the purpose and deliver the entire fan including assembly. We supply fan wheels to all available makes, in all types of materials and reinforcements.


Together with our partners, we can supply the latest technology in electric filter control. Our electrical engineers help you choose the right rectifier model and we of course help with assembly and commissioning. In the event of a failure on the rectifier there is also the possibility to hire a rectifier until the new one is delivered.