“In order to help our customers choose climate smart alternatives, ECP AirTech has developed a unique concept for eco-friendly products and services. This is what we call Green Solutions.”

Black or green?

When you cooperate with ECP AirTech we always give you two offers – one black and one green. In the black option, we have met existing laws and regulations regarding sustainability and environmental requirements. Of course, we always fulfill our customers wishes and correspond to requirements for quality and guarantees.

In the black offer, we have listed everything from the black offer. Except for that, we can also garuantee that all products are produced as local as possible, where the supplier live up to our tough demands for social sustainability. By that, we mean contractual salaries, environmentally-class transport and ISO certifications.

Most people think the green offer is much more expensive – but it isn’t. And also, the green option is a nicer alternative to the environment, against you, your conscience, your company and the next generation. It feels a bit better when you know that the filter in your industry is produced in Scandinavia instead of on the other side of the earth.


Framtidens hallbarhet i fokus 1.jpg

To show the way for our partners, suppliers and customers, we have taken great steps in our own business. Today, our service cars run on electricity and our service cars on biodiesel HVO100. By reviewing our own vehicle park, we now save 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide - every year.