Among our reference cases, you find large and small industries which we provided with products from our Green Solutions range. Being green means that they are designed to reduce industrial emissions, while being produced in Scandinavia and with socially sustainable conditions.

Together, all of us who work at ECP AirTech have been working in the industry for more than 100 years. That means we all have a fingertip feeling for what makes a good result. Always with the best of the environment in focus.

Referenscae ECP AitTech

New Electrostatic Precipitators, Ljusdals Energi

Ljusdals Energi was in need of replacing existing electrostatic precipitators with two new ones, to meet the emission requirements. The tiles burned with tile and bark are 2 x 10 MW. ECP AirTech delivered two electrostatic precipitators with associated ducts and flue gas fans.

Renovering ESP.jpg

Upgrades, Electrostatic precipitator Domsjö

At recovery boiler 8 at Domsjö Factory, there is an electric filter supplied by Svenska Fläkt. The filter has been mechanically exhausted for some time, resulting in several unplanned stops. In autumn 2017 we changed the interior of both systems.

Referenscae ECP AirTech

Sintered filters, SSAB

New purification of smoke gas after blast furnace at SSAB in Luleå 2015. The airflow is approximately 1,000,000 Nm3/h. Emission levels at the new factory are extremely low – <0.1 mg / Nm3 / h.

Referenscae ECP AirTech

Water scrubbers, LKAB

LKAB in Kiruna was in need of replacing existing dust extraction plants 860 meters below ground. ECP got the confidence to deliver and assemble the new water scrubbers with associated ducts, dampers and fans. Emissions from the new plants are <5mg / m3 air.