“How can we make the industry sustainable?”

That is a question we wanted to answer when we founded ECP AirTech in early 2016. The three of us who started this company had many years of experience from industry, as well as sales. What we had in common was that we wanted to impact industrial companies to make greener choises. 

Today, ECP AirTech is a an environmental technology company specialized in purifying air and gas – particularly in the power and energy sector, the paper and pulp industry as well as the steel and mining industry. The company consists of 50 employees, and during 12 months we doubled our revenue. Several of our customers are leading companies in the Swedish base industry.

Our ambition is to be high up in the value chain. With our knowledge and experience, we aim to bring plenty of value to our customers as well as our employees in every hour of work. This is an important cornerstone in our work. Therefore, our assortment of products varies from complete filtering facilities with emission assurance, service and maintenance work, spare parts for upgrades and qualified process evaluations.


Here is a few examples of how we act to lower our own impact on the environment:

  • Our service cars run with the completely fossil fuel HVO100.
  • We have exchanged our service cars for electric cars.
  • For each order, we are planting trees in eastern Africa. This is a project carried out together with the Vi-forest.
  • Togehter with our annual report, we also provide a sustainability report.


Our values

  • Engagement and passion - A common desire to cherish nature and develop our company.

  • We are humble and care for our relations.

  • By combining party and seriousness, our goal is to always have fun at work.

  • Credibility in our way of being and acting.

  • Responsibility for sustainable development of environment, operations and people.

  • Prestigiousness - Teamwork as a basis.

  • Quality in all stages wins in the long run.